Strenthening Exercises

Examples of Strength Deficiences Within The Golf Swing:

  • Golfer becomes unable to properly support the club at the top.
  • Breakdowns occur (overbending of the lead arm, letting go of the grip with the last 2 or 3 fingers of lead arm, or a severe collapse or bowing of the lead wrist, which drops "down" the arms).


Leg Press:

Concentrate on allowing your knees to bend all the way to your chest, if possible. The weight setting you choose should allow you to perform 15 - 20 reps before the muscles begin to tire (2 sets maximum only). Leg presses, unlike leg squats, provide proper support for the spine.

(Swing Benefit) Builds a stable base for the rest of the body in order to create leverage and resistance.


Lat Pull:
Target your weight setting for 15 - 20 reps per set. Do not set your resistance level too high, otherwise you'll be tempted to use your own weight to pull the bar down, and as a result you won't complete the motion.

(Swing Benefit)
Builds power and speed by targeting the muscles of the back that stretch during the backswing and then pull throughout as the club starts down.

Abdominal Crunch:

Preferred over sit-ups which places too much stress on the back. Crunches will keep the lower back supported when doing the exercise.

(Swing Benefit)
As the torso begins to uncoil, strong abs provide leverage for the rest of the upper body to turn against, creating more speed in the golf swing. Your stamina is increased to deal with the number of swings you make with body rotation during a practice session or round.

Back Extensions:

In general, it will strengthen lower back muscles and will also complement abdominal exercises (one of my personal favorites).

Seated Lat Row:

Strengthens muscles in the upper back.

(Swing Benefit) Helps you to maintain proper posture positions in your set up.


Leg Extension:

Strengthens muscles in the upper leg. Improves stamina during your round. Strengthens the muscles that help support and protect the knees.

Leg Curl:

Provides muscle balance in the upper leg. Helps condition your hamstrings to make them more supple which prevents lower back pain.


Straight Arm Pull:

Chest Press:

A basic exercise used to increase upper body strength and power.


Air Bench:

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, back against wall with feet two to three feet from it, so that your thighs are parallel to the ground. Lift toes off the ground and hold as long as possible.

(Swing Benefit) Improves quad (upper leg) strength so you can support the force of your swing without changing your spine angle.