Training Aids
  • Makes instruction more effective when used during a lesson
  • Helps the student feel what the correct motion or position is
  • Gives accurate feedback during the student's practice session in the absence of the instructor
  • Training aids help motivate you to practice
  • The training process becomes more accurate when aids are applied while achieving the correct swing habit

Tom Jaeger is their Certified Fitter for New Jersey
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Stan Utley's Learning Curve & DVD

Practice T with Mirror





Pro Plane Mirror System

Putting Alignment Mirror





Golf Metronome PRO


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Short Game Aids


A ball-marking template, which allows you to put a perfectly straight line on the ball. (Helps square the clubface to your intended aimline)

Full Swing Aids

Swing Vision Mirror:

Allows you to monitor set-up and swing positions.
(30-inch convex mirror)

Swing Image Mirror
Fitness Aids

Momentus Strength Trainer:

Similar to the Momentus irons, but geared toward building greater strength.
(Available RH or LH in 4 lb, 6.5 lb, 9 lb. and 11.5 lb. weights.)

Momentus Strength Trainer