Flexibility Excercises

Signs that flexibility could be improved:

  • A golfer unable to turn their shoulders anywhere near 90 degrees.
  • A golfer with tight hamstrings will often compensate by bending forward too much, or simply will not be able to maintain a consistent angle during their swing, or will not maintain proper posture positions at address without fatigue.
  • An abbreviated golfer's arm will keep the club well short of parallel at the top.

Standing Quad Stretch:


Elongates the quadriceps muscle, which takes pressure
off both the knee and hip.
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Kneeling Groin Stretch:


(Swing Benefit)Loosens the hip flexor and aids forward bending into the address position.
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Arm Extensions:


Stand and reach hands in front of you, fingers intertwined with palms down. Then, lift hands overhead with palms up, and push arms up as far as possible.

(Swing Benefit) Increase ability to straighten arms during the swing, particularly the left arm on the back swing and right arm through the impact zone.
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The Triangle:


Stand with feet spread three feet apart, with arms out at shoulder height. Turn left toe out at right angle. Bend upper body over the side with toe pointing outward. Hold 10 to 15 seconds. Adjust feet so right toe points sideways and bend to that side.

(Swing Benefit) Improves hip flexibility and allows player to rotate freely through impact zone while maintaining spine angle.


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Arm Circles:


Extend arms outward at shoulder height, palms down. Make circles about 12-13 inches in diameter. Reverse palms upward, then make circles in opposite direction.

(Swing Benefit) Increases shoulder flexibility and strength. If shoulder sockets do not rotate freely, an inconsistent swing plane will result.

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Sitting Floor Twist:


Sit on floor, legs extended. Place right foot on left side of left knee. Place left arm on right side of right leg. Place right arm as far behind you as possible. Turn and look over right shoulder. Change legs and rotate in the opposite direction.

(Swing Benefit) Encourages increase shoulder turn without losing balance or original spine angle.

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Lie on your back, put left heel on top of right toe, with arms out at 90 degrees from body. Rotate legs to the right, then reverse.

(Swing Benefit) Increases hip to shoulder rotation; improves hip turn through impact.

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Downward Dog:


Get on hands and knees. Then raise the torso so that you're on your hands and feet with your rear end up. Lower heels to the ground with legs straight and feet shoulder width apart. Hold and repeat.

(Swing Benefit) Increase hip flexibility for better spine angle at address as well as balance during the swing.

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Balance Drill:


Stand erect, arms out at your sides at shoulder height. Close your eyes, lift one foot off the ground and try to maintain balance. Hold for several seconds and repeat.

(Swing Benefit) Strengthens ankles and feet to improve balance during the swing.
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Elbow Curls:


Place hands on temples with fingers curled and thumbs extended downward. Bring the elbows together and attempt to touch them in front. Release and repeat.

(Swing Benefit) Increases flexibility of chest and shoulders; improves ability to keep the arms close together throughout the swing.
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Runners Stretch:


Kneel on one knee, placing opposite heel directly in front of knee. Slowly stand, keeping back heel down and your feet pointed straight. Gradually lower the chest over the forward leg and hold. Release stretch by kneeling back down, then change legs and repeat.

(Swing Benefit) Loosens the hamstrings, which increases ability to maintain spine angle during the swing.
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Foot Circles/Pointes:


Lie on your back. Bring left knee directly over left hip. Put one hand on top of knee and one hand on back of knee. Rotate ankles in both directions. Then alternately point the toe down, then up, reverse feet and repeat.

(Swing Benefit) Both exercises will improve balance during swing.
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