Short Game Clinics
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Short Game Clinics

To inquire about Short Game Clinic dates, please call Tom Jaeger at 732.918.9629

Within a two-hour period, we will cover putting, chipping, pitching, lob shots, and sand shots. During these clinics I will use various teaching aids and practice drills to help explain cause and effect.

Four people per clinic, grouped according to skill level (couples, male only, female only, and juniors only).   

2 hour clinic………........……$100.00 per person

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Short Game Development


More than half the shots we play over eighteen holes are from within 100 yards of the flag. Also, the lower your handicap, the more critical your short game has to be regarded in terms of maintaining your performance. It only makes sense that half of our practice time should be spent learning and developing the short game skills.

Not everyone has the natural or physical talent to strike the ball as well as a touring professional, but every golfer has the potential to improve the quality of his or her short game.

Along with your desire to improve, once you acquire the proper skills through learning sound technique and feel, you will then be able to execute any type of short game shot with confidence.

During the Short Game Clinics, you will be provided with a good education in all areas of the short game, including putting, chipping, pitching, lob shots and sand shots. Various training aids and practice drills will be used. Cause & effect will be thoroughly explained in each area, in an attempt to eliminate unnecessary compensations that can develop.

It's always my goal as your instructor, to teach you how to practice properly. This will enable you to create the correct muscle memory, in order to develop a repeating and reliable method.

Remember that developing a good short game is one of the few skills in all of sports, in which any player regardless of size, strength, speed, education, or gender, can compete equally with the best professionals in the world.